Caroline Augusta Harrison

Caroline Augusta Harrison (1829-1837)

Caroline Augusta Harrison (1829-1837)

Who is this young girl’s family?  She is buried in a Quaker cemetery in Thomson, McDuffie County, Georgia in a Harrison family plot but her headstone is the only legible stone.  There is a slave cemetery nearby.

On her gravestone is inscribed:


to the Memory of

Caroline Agusta


Who was born on the 23rd of October 1829

and died on the 20th of April 1837

Why weep for the young and the lovely who die
In the morning of life are the light from the eye
The pure light of childhood has flown on a ray
Of innocence beaming has vanished away
Why weep for the young, whose spirits too pure
The darkness of guilt and of grief to endure
From the blightings of earth, its changes and crimes,
Hae fled far away to the heavenly climes
Where youth and affection and all that is bright,
drink from fountaines of bliss and the pureness of light.

Shed its beams of effulgence and beauty
abroad over the {illegible} of the lovely like the smiling of God;
Where Hosannas and promises eternal are sung
From the flamed lips of cherubs – why weep for the young


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