Robert Walker Sammon

Robert Walker Sammon (1861-1910)

Robert Walker Sammon (1861-1910)

Maria de los Leal Sammon (1872-1905)  Note: this is copy of a pencil drawing of Maria's likeness

Maria de los Leal Sammon (1872-1905) Note: this is copy of a pencil drawing of Maria's likeness

Bob Sammon had silver and copper mines in New Mexico as well a flour and a timber mill

Bob Sammon had silver and copper mines in New Mexico as well as a flour and a timber mill

Robert Walker Sammon murdered

Robert Walker Sammon murdered

05_sammon_blogMy great grandfather Robert Walker Sammon (1861-1910) was the son of Robert W. (probably Walker) Sammon (1837-1864) and Susan Elizabeth Thrasher and the grandson of John Sammon (1782-1850) and Mary “Polly” Harrison (daughter of Clement King Harrison – mentioned in a previous post).

Susan Elizabeth Thrasher’s uncle  John James “Cousin John” Thrasher had the first mercantile store in what became Atlanta, Georgia.

There is a bronze plaque on The Federal Reserve Bank, Atlanta, Georgia, which reads as follows:

Site of First Mercantile Business, 1839, The General
Store of Johnson and Thrasher.  Home, 1842-45, of Mr.
and Mrs. Willis Carlisle and their daughter Julia
Carlisle (Withers) Atlanta’s First Baby born August 17,
1842.  First Presbyterian Church was built here in 1850
rebuilt 1877 and occupied until 1915.

Bob Sammon’s father Robert W.  Sammon died of disease incurred in the Civil War and Bob and his mother lived with his grandfather  David Thrasher (1796-1882) whose wife was Mary “Polly” Hughey Thrasher (1798-1863).

Vessie Thrasher Rainer, quoting from a letter written to Dr. Marion Thrasher from Dr. D. W. Scott, dated October 20, 1894, McDonough, Georgia, writes that David Thrasher, when young, was inclined to be dissipated, though honorable, upright and tender-hearted; yet he would not take an insult, if he thought it was intended for him, and he was certainly plenty able to take care of himself.


My great grandfather Robert Walker “Bob” Sammon was undoubtedly a strong willed, interesting man.  Fred Lambert in Cimarron, New Mexico told me that Bob’s wife Maria de los Santos Leal was the most beautiful woman in the area and Bob Sammon was very protective of her.

There was a fire in the Sammon’s home when my grandmother was a young girl and memorabilia, photographs, letters, etc. were lost.  However, as with all families – there are the oral stories.

In the recent years preceding Bob Sammon’s death, he was collecting taxes on properties in the Mora Valley in New Mexico for Thomas Benton Catron (about whom much has been written).


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  1. Good article on our Great Grandfather. If we could only go back in time to just see the events and people in their homes, work etc…Could you imagine how the history books would change.

  2. Robert Randall Sammons

    Good artical on my Great Great Grandfather.
    I don’t know very much of Sammon’s history.
    My Great Grandfather was Gilbert David Sammons of Cimmaron N.M. He passed away in 2000 and he named me after his Dad.

  3. Robert Randall Sammons

    Good article on my Great Great Grandfather,I
    would like to Know more on the history of
    Sammon family.

  4. kimberly sammons

    Great article on my Great Grandfather, I don’t know too much about the history of the Sammons family, Just the stories that my grandfather Gilbert d. Sammons and Father Gilbert A. Sammons Jr. told us, My Older brother was named after Robert W. Sammons his name is Robert Randall Sammons. I would like to know more about the Sammons Family History.

  5. Bertha Isabelle LeFebre Basquez

    Wow! This is so miraculous! Is this photo of my Great Grandmother real? I’ve seen Great Granpa’s before, but not of her. She did so young.

    My Grandma Ruby was her daughter and was days away from giving birth to my Father Abe when Bob Sammon was killed. She married my Great Grandfather Charles LeFebre. I had heard of this story many times, but have never seen this article, although we knew one existed..

    I am Abe’s youngest daughter and live in Salt Lake City, but was born in Pueblo, CO. My Father was born in Ocate, on Dec. 28, 1910. He would talk about the Leals, Whittens, but much was never said about Newton, GA, where I believe Grandma was born. She died of uterine cancer in 1964 4 months after my mother died of breast cancer. My poor dad. he passed away on November 7th, 2000 @ 89 years old after suffering from a heart attack for a year. He had the most beautiful eyes. I have pictures of him and one of grandma Ruby. I have a cousin named Ruby. So you are my second cousin? and my father’s first cousin? I’ve got photos of Grandma Ruby, daughter of Maria de los santos Leal. Thank you so much, I will share these photos with the younger kids

  6. I

  7. I


    great stories my name is william sammon son OF BILL SAMMON & MINNIE GROUVER VIGIL SAMMON PUEBLO CO

  9. Ruth Sammon Martinez

    Hope, great story thank you
    Ruth Sammon Martinez

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