Kit Carson and His Three Wives

Kit Carson & His Three Wives

Kit Carson & His Three Wives

Leroy Webb - The Last Cowboy - descendant of Kit Carson

Leroy Webb - The Last Cowboy - descendant of Kit Carson

Marc Simmons writes that he has “been following Kit Carson’s trail for more than thirty years, assembling pertinent material from archives and libraries around the country.  In this book, meant to be merely the first in a series dealing topically with individual aspects of the Carson saga, I have addressed the subject of his three wives in an attempt to show Kit’s struggle to become a settled family man.  This is a side of him that has been passed over lightly or even ignored by most previous authors.”

Leroy Webb (The Last Cowboy) who married my aunt Nora is a descendant of Christopher “Kit” Carson.

Carson’s first wife, the Arapaho Waa-Nibe, died after the couple had been together only three years, and his second wife, a formidable Cheyenne woman, Making-Out-Road, divorced him after fourteen months.  Three years later, when he was thirty-three, Carson married Josefa Jaramillo, the fourteen-year-old daughter of a prominent Taos family.  Seven of their children survived, and the couple also adopted several Indian children in the course of their long marriage that ended when Josefa died after the birth of her seventh baby.

… a lanky six-foot Santa Fe trader James Josiah Webb ran into Kit on the Rio Culebra sixty miles above Taos, in the fall of 1844.  He was traveling with friends Lucien Maxwell and Tim Goodale, each man leading a pack horse.  They were returning to Taos from a visit to the rag-tag settlement of mountain men known as El Pueblo on the Arkansas River.


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