Leadership Seguin

Leadership Seguin 2009

Leadership Seguin 2009

Class of 2009 - Leadership Seguin

Class of 2009 - Leadership Seguin

Leadership Seguin Alumni

Leadership Seguin Alumni

Leadership Seguin Alumni

Leadership Seguin Alumni

Leadership Seguin - Class of 2009 - graduation ceremony

Leadership Seguin - Class of 2009 - graduation ceremony

The Seguin Chamber of Commerce sponsors a ten-month leadership class composed of business leaders in the community.

Shanta Kuhl, president of the chamber of commerce, says the organization is proud of each of the class leaders and recognizes them for their part in improving the community.

“The project for this year’s class is working with a number of other partners who are working to complete a walking trail for Weinert elementary. (It’s a) really good project, (they) had a lot of community support for that effort, a lot of support from the school district, and from the teachers and the students there. So it’s a really a good project for the community to enjoy,” said Kuhl.

[Seguin Gazette Enterprise article]

The Class of 2009 graduated yesterday in a ceremony held at the Seguin Silver Center.  It is obvious that these adults are leaders and Shawn Martinez, director of the Chamber of Commerce, challenged the graduates to continue their service to the community.

The purpose of Leadership Seguin:

  • Educating about the community’s needs, resources, and opportunities;
  • Training in skills necessary for effective community leadership; and
  • Connecting people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives with a common interest in community improvement.

Seguin is the richer for these leadership classes. The first leadership class graduated in May 1992.   A Youth Leadership Seguin class was initiated in 2006.  Through their participation in the class, “the students will be prepared to make a positive impact on the quality of life in our community.”

Congratulations to the 2009 graduates. And a big thanks to all alumni – these folks in our community who  are serving  and volunteering and providing exemplary leadership in our community.


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