Physical Education in the 1950s

Is physical education still called physical education?  Is it different in 2009 than it was in the 1950s?  I would imagine that it is.

“Physical education is the study, practice, and appreciation of the art and science of human movement.” (Harrison, Blakemore, and Buck, p. 15)

“Elementary school physical education in the 1950s espoused the aims of complete education through programs which emphasized mastery of skills in games, sports, dance, and similar activities.”

There were some excellent girl athletes in our school (I was definitely not one of them), however I don’t recall that we really had competitive sports for girls.  The physical education classes provided for games such as basketball and softball.

If I remember correctly, our classes were called “Physical education and health” classes.  The health class is where we were taught proper hygiene, the birds and the bees, etc.

The physical education class was for movement, i.e., calisthenics, softball, and basketball.  I don’t recall playing volleyball or any track-running activities.  However, I had no athletic prowess whatsoever so perhaps I just don’t remember some of what was taught.

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