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Seguin United Methodist Church’s beloved Associate Pastor, Reverend Linda Montgomery, is leaving FUMC to become senior pastor of Schertz First United Methodist Church.  We will miss Linda; she has greatly and positively made an impact on our church.  As we miss her and pray for her, trite as it may sound: Linda remains here for  she is in our hearts.

Hearts are involved.

Linda served as Associate Pastor at FUMC  for seven years.  She has baptized, performed weddings, given messages at funerals, sat by bedsides in the hospitals . . . the list goes on.  We are better for her ministering presence with  us the past seven years.

Time magazine article in 1942 – One Foot in Heaven.

Sunday afternoon the church held a Celebration of Linda and we affirmed her positive influence in our church.  The church was packed. The food was plentiful.  The music (Linda’s favorite tunes) was beautiful.  We left the church with full hearts . . . and dare I say: full stomachs.

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There were three tables of 'regular' food and one long dessert table!

There were three tables of 'regular' food and one long dessert table!

Everyone (EVERYONE) came to celebrate Linda's presence in our church

Everyone (EVERYONE) came to celebrate Linda's presence in our church

great love with present this day . . .

great love was present this day . . .

Linda placed her pastor’s stole on the altar rail in the church sanctuary for the incoming Associate Pastor.  She quoted the Elijah and Elisha story with great feeling.

Pastor Ron Welborn is leaving LeFeria Methodist Church to be our Associate Pastor, beginning June 14th.  A welcoming reception for the Welborns is in the planning stage.

United Methodist clergy are members of annual conferences, not local churches. As such, clergy are subject to annual appointment to a local charge (one or more local churches) or to other forms of ministry, such as chaplain in the military. Unique to the United Methodist system, all local churches are ensured pastors and all ordained elders in good standing receive appointments.  A church is never without a pastor.

An average appointment lasts four years. There is not a limit on how long a clergy person can serve the same church.

United Methodists call this an “itinerant” system because the clergy move from place to place. In some other denominations, congregations “call” (select their own) pastors and may ordain them in the local congregation.

Bishop Will Willimon, of the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church says:

United Methodism is distinguished from many other churches in that we practice a “sent ministry.” Our pastors are appointed to churches, not hired or called by churches. We therefore continue the biblical and historic practice of sending pastoral leaders to places where they are most needed for the accomplishment of that congregation’s mission. Our pastors promise to go where they are most needed.


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