Read a million words a year

My  oldest grandson’s Colorado school is participating in the Read a Million Words a Year program.  He did read a million words this year and his  school compiled over one billion words for the year.  What a unique and helpful program this is to instill a habit and a love of reading.

This campaign was initiated in 1992 in Denver, Colorado and school systems in other cities and countries have adopted the program.  Research consistently demonstrates the importance of reading.

“Read a Million Words is committed to helping to raise literacy standards amongst children in Bristol. The project was initiated by a group of Bristol Local Authority head teachers who saw a similar successful programme operating in Denver, Colorado. ” Nick Batchelar, Programme Director, Children and Young People’s Services, Bristol said.

The students are tested on the books they read (to determine if they actually read the books and if they comprehend what they read) and there is a word calculation for the books.

Everything starts with reading.

Read a Million Words – in Wales.



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