Brownie Troop 4

Identified the girls in Brownie Troop 4 (photo on “The Tucumcari Years,”  Life in Seguin and Other Aimless Musings):

back row: ( left to right) Carman Opedocia, Patsy Marie Hale, Marie Clark, Jerry Sue Rusk, Oudia Tredway, Mrs. J. A. Allen, Patricia Ann Sanders, Addie Louise Heffington, Patricia Ann C de Baca, Mary Bonds, Marian Ward, Hope Coslett

front row: (left to right) Nancy Cherry, Virginia Thaxton, Helen Marie Gordon, Sandra Jernigan, Glynda Jo Morris, DeLoris Valverdia, Curbie Fay Crocker, Kay Jernigan, Marilyn Allen, Janice Fullford

It is likely that I’ve mis-spelled some of the names.  Apologies.

My we were so very very young.


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