Tucumcari memories – more

I don’t know when Tucumcari dropped the name Sixshooter Siding and became Tucumcari but when we lived there, it was Tucumcari.

We lived in Tucumcari from about 1942 until we moved to Farmington the last of August 1953.  My childhood years were thus spent in Tucumcari and I have some fond memories of the place and the people.  I’ve attended some of the Tucumcari reunions and there have been years when there were about 1000 attendees.  So many folks at one time or another lived for a period of time in Tucumcari and these reunions are for anyone who ever lived there (even for a short while).  It is great fun!

An aside:  The XIT Ranch reunion in Dalhart  is always held the same weekend as the Tucumcari reunion and sometimes, there is some traveling back and forth to both reunions.

Of course, when Route 66 was ‘active,’ there was a lot going on in Tucumcari.  I remember that some of the Broadway and Hollywood entertainers would bus through and sometimes give a performance in Tucumcari.  They quite likely thought of this as a rehearsal.  Everyone drove on Route 66 – before interstate and super highways!

Posted a 1952 snapshot of classmates Barry Copeland and Frank Daly on what I am now thinking of as my Photo Blog at Life in Seguin and Other Aimless Musings.

If you are from Tucumcari, perhaps you can help identify some of the Rattler basketball players in the photograph I’ve posted on that site.  Would be delighted to hear from some Tucumcari folks.


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  1. Frances Bell Edwards

    Hope, I too would love for you to come back home to reunion. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I just moved back to Amarillo two weeks ago from Phoenix where I had been living with my middle daughter for two years. Betty and Robert sent me your link. You, being an intelligent woman know, of course, that all you have to do is make a plan. Last year we thought we had lost Ray Graham, turns out it was another Ray Graham from Farmington, but who knows when it will be our turn to go. Please plan to come to reunion, first weekend in August, and I know you deserve a weekend off. Much love Frances

    • Oh, it has been way too long since I’ve been back for a reunion (and we have lost some since then – Tommy Dean Fullerton, Gene Haynes for example). I am really really going to try to come this year. It is time to re-connect with everyone. So good to hear from you!
      love, Hope

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