Rattler Reunions

The Tucumcari reunions are probably one of the largest in the nation.  In 2002, the Rattler Reunion brought between 3,000 and 4,000 people to the town (I’ve not found statistics for previous or more recent reunions, but I dare say that is about what it is each year).

Tucumcari has a population  listed at 5,123.  Thus, tourism (especially the Rattler Reunion) contributes greatly to Tucumcari economy.  The motels are full.  The restaurants are busy.  Folks shop for gifts, clothing – you name it.

Each reunion is hosted by the 30-year class.  Thus, the class of 1979 will be hosting this year’s reunion and the class of 1959 will be honored.  Each class will have separate class activities, i.e., perhaps a breakfast for the Class of 1956 or hot dogs by the pool, lunch at someone’s residence.  There is a  golf tournment.  All of the classes will come together for the Saturday night dance and dinner.

A lot of planning, a great deal of preparation, much work, and networking goes into the annual Rattler Reunion.  It is BIG deal and is always great fun.  As I’ve mentioned in another posting, there is usually some interaction with the Rattler Reunion and the XIT reunion in Dalhart.  This is one of the most fun weekends to be had!

However, I believe that this year the XIT reunion will be the first full weekend of August (which is the 7th and 8th) and the Rattler reunion will be the last of July and 1st of August.

I’ve posted a photo from the 1976 reunion (the first one I attended) of some members of the Class of 1956 on my “Photo Blog” Life in Seguin and Other Aimless Musings.


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  1. nancy jackson

    Reunions sound like such fun! Would like to be there, but that is a very busy time of year here in Salem, Oregon.

    If you (anyone) ever come through or near Salem, look me up. I am in the Phone book, under my maiden name. Long story made short, my married name was impossible to pronounce or spell correctly so I went back to Jackson so my clients could find me!

    Best wishes for the next reunion. Would emjoy hearing from one and all. Nancy Jackson

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