Just a few months before we would move from Tucumcari to Farmington, New Mexico, I was one of the cast members in Mary Roberts Rinehart’s play “Tish.”  The weeks of rehearsals, the horseplay, the camaraderie, the absolute fun of performing in a play is joyful.  The cast members became quite close during that time and I dare say  we all remember this as a special time.

Again: check out Life in Seguin and Other Aimless Musings for the photo (the long ago – 1953 – photo).

I played the part of Ellen Leighton  and Frank Daly was Charlie Sands.  There was a kiss.  However, I wouldn’t allow Frank to kiss me (I turned my head).  The play director (whose name escapes me) told Frank that although we would continue this practice during rehearsals – on the night of the play, Frank was to kiss meHe didI was in shock. Ah . . . silly thirteen year old girls!! {I’m no longer averse to kissing . . .}

Someone told me that Frank died several years ago while living in Denver, Colorado. He was such a special and likeable boy.  His dad would drive me and Frank to the Catholic Church on Friday evenings for teenage dancing and hot dog suppers.  Guess he was my first boyfriend (although we didn’t know it!).  Ah – the memories . . .

Memory is a strange creature.  Frank’s father would drive us to and from the Elks Lodge (not the Catholic Church) for the teen dances and supper.  I ate hot dogs; don’t remember what Frank ate, but it was not hot dogs.  Frank was a devout Catholic and no meat on Fridays.

Memory  . . .

I wonder where the other cast members are now?

Mary Holmes, Jill Kelly (who is deceased), Marie Clark, Frances Bell, Kenneth Ramsey, Don Stevens, Edwin Grigg, Delores Dickinson, Dickie (forget his last name – was it Potts?), Marilyn Cupp, Hope – I’m wearing the apron with the hideous makeup on my face . . . and we know where I am now, Frank Daly, and Juanita (what was Juanita’s last name).


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