Leroy Webb The Last Cowboy

Leroy Webb - Tucumcari, New Mexico

Donn Davis, member of the Cowboy Hall of Fame:

“Leroy Webb is the best cowboy that I’ve ever known, and I’ll back that up any day!  He doesn’t have a big ego, doesn’t use profanity, and I’ve never seen him lose his temper.  He’s never tried to be a ladies’ man or big time cowboy — he’s just a true gentleman.”

Carlos Ortiz, former manager of the Arnett Clabber Hill Ranch:

“If Leroy had ever decided to focus in on rodeos, he would have been a world champion roper.  It would have been hard to catch him because everything he did, he did it right.  He’s like a god to me.  When he’s gone, there won’t be any more like him. He’s one of a kind.”

Leroy Webb - at home

Leroy Webb - at home

last cowboy_blog

Leroy Webb The Last Cowboy is the story of my uncle Leroy and of course he isn’t really the last cowboy, but he is certainly a cowboy!  Davis Ford (Dr. Davis L. Ford) has written two books about Leroy; one is  a children’s book – which my grandchildren love.

One day I will post photographs of Leroy’s quarterhorse Pawnee Eagle.

Pawnee Eagle was a  champion quarterhorse.

In 2008, Leroy was awarded the Buck Ramsey Heritage Award.


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