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Grade School - Third Street - Tucumcari, New Mexico

Grade School - Central Elementary School - Tucumcari, New Mexico

grade school friends!

Memory is so faulty.  I can’t recall if this school was called Granger Elementary or Third Street Elementary or Central Elementary.  I DO know that our house was across the street, so I hadn’t far to walk.

Although I kept in touch with a few of these elementary school friends, I wonder where they are now . . .


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  1. The school on Third Street was Oscar T. Granger Elementary School. It was razed in May 2008. Here are some pictures of it: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.512352242109595.120069.450662901611863&type=3

  2. Before Granger, this was the school on Third Street. It burned in March 1951.

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