Lost River

The store clerks would recognize her as one
of the Garden District wives who

Lost River by David Fulmer

spent their days shopping and socializing while the colored help did the housework and raised the children.  These women all appeared to have been cut from a mold, hair swirled and pinned in Parisian style, and dressed in the latest fashions from the Continent by way of Mayer Israel’s racks.

Most of the ladies had enjoyed a privileged upbringing that had led to a privileged marriage.  Evelyne was the wife of Benoit Dallencort, a scion of one of the city’s best families, with a lineage of wealth and prominence going back over a hundred years to the time when New Orleans was still a French city.  Claiming this pedigree, she had assumed her wifely duties with a placid grace.  She bore her aging husband two children and managed their Pierrer Street mansion.  She arranged social events and made appearances at the charities at the Opera House.  Indeed, she performed with such skill that no one considered that a serpent lay coiled in her breast.

Lost River by David Fulmer


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