Death Lore Texas Rituals, Superstitions, and Legends of the Hereafter

deathloreKenneth L. Untiedt edited Texas Rituals, Superstitions, and Legends of the Hereafter.  This publication of the Texas Folklore Society examines the lore of death and whatever happens afterward.  The first chapter examines places where people are buried, either permanently or temporarily.  Chapter Two features articles about how people die and the rituals associated with funerals and burials.  The third chapter explores some of the stranger stories about what happens after we’re gone, and the last chapter offers some philosophical musings about death in general, as well as our connection to those who have gone before. [from the book jacket]

The chapter by Henry Wolff, Jr. entitled Buried in Texas: Any and Every Which Way begins with a story about Sandra Ilene West.

Sandra Ilene West was accustomed to having her way.  She took that stubbornness to the grave with her in one of the more unusual burials ever in Texas, not to mention it being the most spectacular.  The millionairess widow of ranch and oil heir Ike West, Jr. of Vanderbilt was buried on May 19, 1977, in San Antonio, wearing a favorite silver-colored lace nightgown and seated as she instructed in her expensive, powder-blue 1964 Italian Ferrari sports car.  The seat was slanted comfortable, also according to her wishes.

…The court did order the Ferrari to be placed in a six-by-eight-by-seventeen-foot box to preserve dignity.  A crane was used to lift the box from a flatbed truck before a crowd of newsmen and several hundred curious onlookers who had gathered at the Alamo Masonic Cemetery.  Concrete was then poured around and over the box in what mortuary spokesman Porter Loring termed the most unusual funeral that he had ever handled.


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